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Honda to launch three new flagship models in Malaysia.



          • A highlight for Honda’s super sports lineup, the 2020 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP resets the boundary of racing performance with remarkable upgrades.
          • Honda’s premium tourer, the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing is making a return in Malaysia with a reputation for luxury, quality and comfort.
          • Honda’s adventure bike, the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin has evolved with more power, less weight and an array of technological updates.
          • These models will be available in all Honda Big Wing stores from second quarter of 2020.


Petaling Jaya, 12th January 2020 - Boon Siew Honda is set to raise the bar of the premium motorcycle market in Malaysia with the launch of three new flagship big bike models. These models stand to enhancing riding performance with the 2020 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP, redefine new standards of riding comfort with the 2020 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing and elevate the sensation of adventure with Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin and CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports.

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony, Boon Siew Honda Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mr. Keiichi Yasuda noted that the launch of these flagship models signifies the confidence in Malaysian market as we are the first to launch these 2020 models in Asia and Oceania region.

He further added that the decision to introduce these models is to further strengthen Honda big bike product offering on top of an already impressive product line-up. Mr Yasuda remarked that “Our ability to offer these model align with our dream to excite the world”.


Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP

The CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP is a brand-new motorcycle, built with an unwavering focus on circuit riding, with unprecedented levels of performance and control. Its inline four-cylinder engine draws heavily on the RC213V-S’s combustion efficiency and low- friction technologies.


2020 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP highlights.

          • Short-stroke, inline four-cylinder engine produces high output at high rpm.
          • Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) gains slip rate control for smooth torque management over 9 levels.
          • Start Mode and quick shifter as standard fitment with three default riding modes plus options to customize Power, Engine Brake and Wheelie control.
          • New aluminium frame and swingarm change weight distribution, centre of gravity and rigidity balance for improved handling and traction.
          • Bosch six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for accurate calculation of machine dynamic behaviour and precise control.
          • Second-generation Öhlins Smart Electronic Control (S-EC) offers finer choice of settings. A new Öhlins NPX fork features pressurised damping for improved bump absorption and feel.
          • New dual Brembo Stylema radial-mount four-piston calipers managed by ABS with switchable SPORT/TRACK modes.
          • Showa’s new 3-level Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) controlled by IMU for precise stability management.
          • Aerodynamic fairing, screen and mudguard minimise frontal area and reduce drag; lower fuel tank also provides more compact riding position.
          • Inner fairing winglets drawn from the RC213V MotoGP machine reduce wheelies under acceleration and improve braking stability.
          • 5-inch colour TFT screen and simplified four-way left-hand switch offer intuitive control of riding systems.
          • Honda Smart Key adds convenience and simplifies top-yoke design.


The CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP’s 1000cc inline four-cylinder engine is completely new and designed with heavy input from the HRC MotoGP development program. It now generates peak power of 159Kw @ 14,500rpm, with peak torque 112.7Nm @ 12,500rpm.

Akrapovic partnered in development of the exhaust end-can. Constructed from titanium, its small physical size and light weight contribute to mass centralisation and right-side lean angle. The exhaust valve was also designed with Akrapovic to deliver both low-rpm torque and high-rpm power.

Second-generation semi-active Öhlins Electronic Control (S-EC) is featured on the CBR1000RR-R SP. The 43mm Öhlins NPX fork uses a pressurised damping system to minimise cavitation, resulting in more stable damping control and improved bump absorption at race-track speeds. Feel for front tyre grip is also enhanced. Its length also offers greater freedom for geometry changes. The shock is an Öhlins TTX36 Smart-EC unit.

New Brembo Stylema four-piston radial mount brake calipers are operated by a Brembo master cylinder and brake lever. They now grip 10mm larger 330mm diameter discs; the 5mm disc thickness also dissipates heat more efficiently. The rear brake caliper is the same Brembo unit used by the RC213V-S.

Rear lift control and ABS-managed brake force relative to lean angle were a feature of the previous design. For the CBR1000RR-R the system gains two switchable modes; SPORT mode focuses on road-riding performance, with high brake force and less pitching, while TRACK mode offers performance in braking from much higher circuit speeds.


Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP is exclusively available in Grand Prix red.

Grand Prix red


Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP is priced as below:

Model Price
CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP RM 198,800.00

Prices shown are recommended showroom price excluding of road tax, insurance and registration. Boon Siew Honda offers two years or 20,000km manufacturing warranty (whichever comes first).

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

The 2020 model of the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing features improvements to suspension and slow speed manoeuvrability further complement the evocative, flat six-cylinder engine at the heart of Honda’s flagship premium tourer, which continues to deliver its unique avalanche of torque and power to transport rider and passenger in style.

2020 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing highlight.

  • Flat six-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder produces torque from low rpm with a distinctive power delivery.
  • Throttle By Wire (TBW) adds 4 rider modes to tailor for individualize riding experience in addition to assist rider in multiple riding condition.
  • Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) maintain rear wheel traction.
  • Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) which combines the generator and starter motor into one component.
  • Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) which improve on optimized low speed maneuverability. Smoother, quieter with faster upshifts and downshifts.
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA) as standard to assist riders on inclined surface.
  • Double wishbone front suspension & Pro-Arm rear provides progressive suspension action and comfort.
  • Front and rear damping level adjusts, rear spring preload electrically adjustable to suit riding mode selected.
  • Ample luggage capacity with the top box able to carry 2 full-face helmets.
  • 7-inch full-colour TFT liquid display provides infotainment-related information with intuitive operation.
  • Apple CarPlayTM enhances iPhone integration.
  • Full LED lighting, auto-cancelling indicators and LED fog lights.
  • Smart Key control adds convenience for ignition and luggage.

The flat six-cylinder engine delivering peak power of 93kW arrives @ 5,500rpm, with peak torque of 170Nm delivered @ 4,500rpm. The bore size of 73mm matches the stroke of 73mm; the left and right cylinders are offset 4mm and the cylinder sleeves are aluminium. Compression ratio is set at 10.5:1 and improvements to the FI for 2020 have been introduced to fine tune low speed maneuverability.

The addition of Throttle By Wire (TBW) brought with it 4 rider modes to alter the engine’s character and power delivery, linked to Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), suspension damping and the Dual Combined Brake System (D-CBS). The 4 riding modes are per as follows;

  • TOUR: mode is the base setting for comfort and power. It gives a direct 100% opening ratio between throttle grip and throttle body butterfly, with ‘default’ damping and front/rear brake force distribution.
  • SPORT: mode serves up the highest throttle to butterfly ratio and delivers strong acceleration, with firmer damping and rear brake lever pressure.
  • ECON: mode offers maximum fuel economy and easy cruising, with lower throttle to butterfly ratio and default damping and brake force.
  • RAIN: mode turns the dial down to suit wet and slippery conditions, with lowest throttle to butterfly ratio, default braking force distribution and soft suspension damping.

In all 4 riding modes HSTC constantly allows controllable acceleration in slippery conditions.

Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission enable the Honda Gold Wing for low speed maneuverability, with close ratios reducing shift-shock. In the higher speed range, they are set wider apart to reduce engine rpm. In both speed ranges comfort is improved as shifting up or down is of the highest quality.

The 2020 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing (Tour Version, DCT) is exclusively available in Pearl Glare White.

Pearl Glace White

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing is priced as below:

Model Price
GL1800 Gold Wing RM 208,800.00
Prices shown are recommended showroom price excluding of road tax, insurance and registration. Boon Siew Honda offers two years or 20,000km manufacturing warranty (whichever comes first).


Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports

A major evolution for Honda’s definitive full-size adventurer: harder-edged off-road performance come via lighter chassis, slim rally-style bodywork and revised riding position; weight is reduced by 5kg, while engine capacity is increased, boosting power and torque.

[2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin updates]

  • Parallel twin engine capacity rises to 1,084cc giving 75kW peak power and 105Nm peak torque.
  • The muffler now features a variable Exhaust Control Valve (ECV) for improved low-rpm sound and high-rpm performance.
  • IMU-managed HSTC intervention levels optimised for off-road use and 3 levels Wheelie Control.
  • OFF-ROAD joins the default riding modes TOUR, URBAN and GRAVEL plus Two USER modes allow for complete riding modes customisation.
  • Revised, lighter frame, with bolt-on aluminium subframe and lighter, more rigid CRF450R-style swingarm for improved rear wheel traction and feel.
  • Cornering ABS provides sure-footed feel and features an off-road setting.
  • Compact body style designed for off-road, with slim seat and high handlebars.
  • Multi Information Display (MID) 6.5-inch TFT touch screen.
  • Apple CarPlay® allows use of Apple iPhone® through the MID.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and cruise control.

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin has a sharply renewed focus on off-road core ability, which brings with it the look – and feel – of a true rally machine. Smaller, slimmer and 5kg lighter, it offers even more athletic performance, thanks also to changes to the engine, which now produces 7% more peak power, 6% more peak torque and is much stronger everywhere in the rev range.

And at the centre of the Africa Twin, the addition of a six axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) controls not only the 7-level Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) but also (new for 2020) 3-level Wheelie Control, Cornering ABS (with off-road setting), Rear Lift Control and DCT cornering detection. An OFFROAD setting also joins the URBAN, TOUR and GRAVEL default riding modes. Tailored for complete control, the riding position features a slimmer section seat and higher set handlebars.

Wheelie Control is another new feature. Again, with the IMU measuring pitch angle and rate, and controlling engine torque via TBW, the rider can choose between 3 levels of input. Level 1 allows for intended wheel lift but suppresses any sudden movement. Level 3 stops any front wheel elevation and level 2 is midway between the two. Wheelie Control can also be turned off completely.

There are four default riding mode settings: TOUR, URBAN, GRAVEL and OFFROAD To cover most riding conditions and situations plus two customisable USER settings. Even within the default riding modes, it’s possible to change some parameters – HSTC between levels 1-7 (plus off), Wheelie Control between levels 1-3 (plus off) and DCT S mode shift pattern levels 1-3.

  • TOUR employs the highest level of Power (1), for touring loaded with pillion and luggage plus midrange Engine Braking (2) with active onroad Cornering ABS.
  • URBAN suits wide-ranging riding requirements and uses mid-level Power (2) and Engine Braking (2) with active on road Cornering ABS.
  • GRAVEL delivers the lowest level of Power (4) and Engine Braking (3). Cornering ABS is active with an off-road setting; In this setting, the rear brake ABS cannot be switched off.
  • OFFROAD uses lower mid-level Power (3) and the lowest amount of Engine Braking (3). Cornering ABS is active with an offroad setting; The rear brake ABS can be switched off.
  • USER 1 & 2 modes offer the rider a choice of two distinct personalized setups choosing between Power levels 1-4 and Engine Braking 1-3, and ABS on road/ off-road parameters.

[2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports updates]

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports shares the frame, engine and riding position of the off-road focussed CRF1100L Africa Twin, but has a role very much of its own: to offer riders real continent-crossing long-haul ability and practicality both on and off-road.

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports comes in the shape of a larger 24.8L fuel tank offers a potential range of over 500km, extended wind protection (from both the fairing and fairing side panels), height-adjustable screen, large engine sump guard, aluminium rear carrier plus tubeless wheels and tyres. ACC charger and heated grips are also standard fit.

For optimum suspension damping front and rear the Africa Twin Adventure Sports is also fitted with Showa EERATM as standard. Four default modes – SOFT, MID, HARD and OFF-ROAD – cover every type of riding situation, and there’s a USER mode for further fine-tuning. Rear spring preload can also be adjusted while stationary.

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports also features three-stage Cornering Lights – also managed by the IMU – that automatically adjust the field of illumination depending on the lean angle.

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin (Manual) is executively available in Grand Prix Red.

Grand Prix Red

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports (Manual and DCT) is exclusively available in Pearl Glare White Tricolour.

Pearl Glare White Tricolour

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin is priced as below:

Variance Price
CRF1100L Africa Twin - Manual RM 98,888.00
CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports - Manual RM 111,888.00
CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports - DCT RM 117,888.00
Prices shown are recommended showroom price excluding of road tax, insurance and registration. Boon Siew Honda offers two years or 20,000km manufacturing warranty (whichever comes first).

For more information on all 3 models, customers can visit Honda BigWing dealer or call Honda's Toll-Free number at 1800-88-3993 (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5pm, except for public holidays), or log onto