Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Serves True Adventure, Continental Conquest

June 18, 2024

Penang, 14th June 2024 – Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. (Boon Siew Honda) is excited to introduce the latest Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES, a powerhouse built for long-distance tourers and adventure enthusiasts.

Also known as Africa Twin, this Adventure Sports bike stands tall with a robust 1084cc, parallel twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled OHC engine, suitable for both short jaunts and extensive journeys. The engine enhancements have resulted in a torque increase of up to 7%, providing a peak power of 75kW at 7,500rpm and peak torque of 112Nm at 5,500rpm.

Feature highlights include:

  • 19-inch front wheel contributes to stability during on-road riding as well as off-road run-
    through performance.
  • Low center of gravity and minimum ground clearance of 220 mm.
  • Seat height adjustable to 820mm and 840mm without tools for improved footing.
  • Seat cushion shape changed to support comfort during riding for long periods of time.
  • New design and improved wind protection.

This new CRF1100L Africa Twin features a larger 19-inch front wheel that significantly improves the bike’s stability during on-road riding, providing a smoother and more controlled ride in various conditions, including off-road capability, promoting better maneuverability over rough terrain.

The new seat uses a +15mm thicker urethane foam cushion with optimised density and 8% larger area along with adjustable seat height, which can be set between 820mm and 840mm without the need for tools is an excellent enhancement as it gives riders more comfort and reduce fatigue for more enjoyable rides.

Riders’ confidence and stability are further enhanced as the 200mm axle strokes and 220mm minimum ground clearance lower the center of gravity which significantly improving handling, off-road performance, and on-road security.

Improved Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

The new CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES comes with an improved Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) that has been developed to give a much more natural, ‘feathered’ clutch feel on initial take-off and between first and second gears.

Three modes of operation are available which are Manual Transmission (MT) mode that gives full manual control, allowing the rider to shift with the handlebar trigger control buttons. Automatic D mode is ideal for city and highway riding and achieves optimum fuel efficiency. Automatic S mode offers three levels of sportier riding, with the ECU making the engine rev a little higher before shifting up and shift down sooner when decelerating for extra engine braking.

In either D or S mode, DCT offers immediate manual intervention if required – the rider simply selects the required gear using the up and down shift triggers on the left handlebar. At an appropriate time, DCT seamlessly reverts back to automatic mode, depending on throttle angle, vehicle speed and gear position.

DCT on the CRF1100L Africa Twin is also fully equipped to operate in an adventure environment, with off-road functionality enhanced by the G switch accessed via the TFT touch screen display. Activating the G switch in any riding mode improves the feel for available traction and machine control by reducing the amount of clutch slip during gear changes.

Further functionality for the DCT system comes in the form of incline detection, by means of which the gear shift pattern is adapted depending on the grade of an incline to provide optimum control.

Throttle-By-Wire (TBW) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

The Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin features an advanced electronic package centered around Throttle-By-Wire (TBW) management and a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This system, updated for this latest model with a refined feel, offers four levels of power and three levels of engine braking. Additionally, the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) provides seven levels of intervention. This allows riders a finer choice in controlling rear tire slide, particularly useful for off-road riding. The HSTC can also be completely turned off for riders who prefer full manual control.

The Africa Twin also includes Wheelie Control, another feature enhanced by the IMU, which measures pitch angle and rate to control engine torque via TBW. Riders can select from three levels of input: Level 1 allows for intended wheel lifts while suppressing sudden movements, Level 3 prevents any front wheel elevation, and Level 2 offers a balance between the two. Like the HSTC, Wheelie Control can be entirely disabled, providing flexibility based on rider preference and experience.

To cater to various riding conditions and preferences, the Africa Twin comes with four default riding modes: TOUR, URBAN, GRAVEL, and OFF-ROAD. These modes cover a wide range of riding situations, ensuring optimal performance across different terrains. Additionally, there are two customisable USER settings, allowing riders to tailor the bike’s performance to their specific needs and preferences.

Improved Wind Protection and Standard fit Showa EERATM Suspension.

Designed for the long-range ride, the 24YM CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES has an extensive front fairing, aggressively redesigned to improve upper body wind deflection and aerodynamics. It mounts a compact, 5-level height adjustable screen that opens up vision while still offering plenty of protection.

The improved wind protection minimizes wind blast to the rider’s body, ensuring a more comfortable and less tiring ride over long distances.

Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (Showa EERATM) suspension was an option for the previous CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES but it is standard fit for now.

The advanced suspension system provides excellent responsiveness by automatically adjusting damping force based on the riding conditions. This system offers four suspension modes (MID, HARD, SOFT, OFFROAD) and a USER mode, ensuring optimal performance whether riding solo, with a passenger, with luggage, or off-road.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The Africa Twin also boasts selectable ABS modes for enhanced braking stability. On-Road mode enhances braking stability on paved surfaces, while Off-Road mode provides better control and performance on unpaved surfaces.

Additionally, it is equipped with advanced ABS featuring an inertial sensor IMU. This system calculates vehicle bank angle, front and rear wheel speed, vehicle deceleration, and slip rate from IMU signals to control braking force, preventing wheel lock during cornering. In emergency braking, it detects the rear tire’s lift tendency and suppresses it by adjusting brake pressure, maintaining high braking performance and enhancing rider security in various situations.

For off-road riding and scenarios requiring independent brake control, the rear ABS can be cancelled, allowing the rider full control over the rear brake. This feature is indicated by a dashboard signal and can only be activated when the vehicle is stationary. Once the switch is pressed again or the ignition is turned off and on, the ABS on both wheels will revert to the default ON state, ensuring optimal braking performance in regular riding conditions.

Display Screen

The full colour Multi Information Display (MID) 6.5-inch TFT touch screen keeps the rider in control, with each of the riding modes selectable through the top left of the screen. The MID can also be customised to show various levels of information relative to the riding mode chosen and is easy to use even when wearing gloves.

The MID integrates Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®, allowing seamless smartphone usage directly through the touchscreen. This enables riders to access and display navigation apps, as well as make or receive calls via a Bluetooth helmet headset. Smartphones can be conveniently connected to a USB charging port located on the right side of the MID, ensuring they remain powered throughout the ride. Additionally, hands-free wireless Bluetooth connectivity is available, with all control inputs managed from the left-hand switchgear for ease of use. This comprehensive setup enhances rider convenience and connectivity on the go.

The Honda CRF11000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES is available next Wednesday, 19th June 2024 in two color options – Mat Ballistic Black Metallic and Pearl Glare White.

Mat Ballistic Black Metallic

Pearl Glare White

The available color options and price are as below: 

Color Options Price
Mat Ballistic Black Metallic

Pearl Glare White

RM 119,388








The price shown is the recommended showroom price that excludes road tax, insurance, and registration

Boon Siew Honda offers two years or 20,000km manufacturing warranty (whichever comes first).


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